Linden LLC

People & Relationships

We place extraordinary value on intellectual capital, investing in our people, partners, and strategic relationships.

“My relationship with Linden goes back to the firm's inception. The culture here has always been defined by an appreciation for individuals, a commitment to excellence with a focus on strategic issues, impatience with the status quo, a drive for practical solutions, and respect for operating expertise.”

Gerard Moufflet

Gerard Moufflet, Operating Partner | Linden Capital Partners

An Integrated Team

Linden brings integrated investment, operating, and human capital expertise to every one of our companies. Our investment professionals have extensive experience in private equity, from sourcing and transaction structuring to value creation, exit planning and fund administration. Our operating partners, executives hailing from leading healthcare companies, not only serve on our portfolio company boards, but also are involved in every aspect of growing our companies. Supplementing the team is our Human Capital team, an in-house resource dedicated to recruiting investment and operating talent, as well as overseeing hiring and benefits for our portfolio.

Corporate Relationships

We build long-term relationships with the largest healthcare companies in the world. Through these relationships, we maintain an active pulse on the industry and a direct pipeline to opportunities. Our relationships help secure advantageous sourcing, strategic alternatives for non-core operations, and proprietary investment opportunities, including our ability to provide strategic capital for joint bids with our corporate partners. We actively monitor the strategic activities of the largest companies, staying abreast of real-time developments and opportunities for dialogue, partnerships and alliances.

Management Relationships

The success of our portfolio companies directly reflects our investment in management relationships. In every one of our buyout fund investments, management participates with us in ownership of the business. This co-ownership is deeper than structure; it’s grounded in our principles and values of partnership. We maintain open communication and active engagement with our management teams, providing the resources and support necessary for companies to thrive. Our partnerships extend beyond transition of the business into long-term, mutually rewarding relationships. 

Advisory Network

We have cultivated an expansive network of executive, operating, management, regulatory, reimbursement and scientific advisors from some of the world’s leading corporations, professional firms, consulting firms, government entities and academic institutions. These individuals provide invaluable insight into developments and trends in healthcare, helping to identify the type of industry shifts that impact our decisions. Their added value extends to advice, strategic partnerships and guidance through all phases of our investments, from initial sourcing and due diligence to value creation and exit planning.