Linden LLC

Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values define the principles of our firm and describe our culture.

“Our team was looking for a partner who understood our business and, just as importantly, understood our culture and dedication to patient care. In Linden, we found that partner and have benefitted from their strategic guidance, collegial support, and resources.”

Luke Drayer

Luke Drayer, Founder and CEO | Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

Our Mission

Linden Capital Partners is a middle market healthcare and life science private equity firm. We strive to create exceptional value through our team of investment and operating professionals working collaboratively with the management of our portfolio companies. Our objective is to provide resources and stewardship to improve and grow each portfolio company as we prepare it for the next owner, thereby producing superb, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Our Values

We are a relationship firm; integrity, trust, and respect govern our actions.

A spirit of partnership affects everything we do; we work as a team, share recognition and accountability, and communicate clearly and openly.

We strive for excellence through disciplined decision making and holding ourselves and our partners to high standards.

We seek continuous improvement throughout our organization by setting clear objectives and candidly assessing our successes and failures from the risks we take.

We have perseverance and patience in achieving our goals.

We believe work should be meaningful and enjoyable; we strive for a blend of innovation, impact and efficiency.