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Linden Supports AdvaMed’s National Testing Registry

July 31, 2020 | For Immediate Release

Chicago, Illinois, (July 27, 2020) – Linden Capital Partners (“Linden”) congratulates AdvaMed and our Operating Partner Joe Bernardo on the launch of its National Testing Registry, which will reveal where Coronavirus testing supply and demand imbalances exist. In March, AdvaMed created a diagnostic subgroup of its Recovery and Rebuilding Task Force led by Mr. Bernardo and BD’s Chairman Vince Forlenza as Vice Chair and Chair. Supported by AdvaMed CEO Scott Whitaker, AdvaMedDx Executive Director Susan Van Meter and Stryker CEO Kevin Lobo, the Dx Task Force reached out to both public and private entities to assess the state of Covid diagnostic testing in the USA. With the support of Abbott, BD, bioMérieux, Bio-Rad, Beckman Coulter, Cepheid, Hologic, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, QIAGEN, Roche, Sekisui, Siemens, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, it designed, developed and launched the National Testing Registry. AdvaMed has been working closely with the White House, HHS, FDA, FEMA and other key government agencies to ensure the supply of diagnostics tests, and provide information to their whereabouts.

The registry will compile information from diagnostic companies along with publicly available data on daily tests performed to create a centralized, standardized and reproducible COVID-19 diagnostic supply registry. The registry will provide weekly state- and national-level updates on the number of molecular, antigen, and serology (antibody) tests shipped in the U.S. The registry will also help streamline communications and data sharing between the diagnostic companies and the multiple levels of governments. It is also setting out to help laboratories and other public health stakeholders collaborate to optimize access to all platforms of COVID-19 testing.

Joe believes that “This registry will enable key constituents of the entire supply chain along with the government to mobilize our resources where they are most needed when they are needed. I sincerely hope other parts of the laboratory supply chain, public data sources and the government coordinate their efforts to create complimentary registries to drive a nationwide approach to testing; a cornerstone of mitigating this virus while our pharmaceutical partners hunt for therapies and vaccines.”

Linden Managing Partner Brian Miller, also a member of AdvaMed, AdvaMedDx, and the Dx Task Force, stated “Joe is a superb candidate to help conceive of and drive the registry, as he has worked in both clinical lab services and diagnostic supplies subsectors.” Linden President & Managing Partner Tony Davis noted that “We thank Joe for driving this effort on behalf of Linden and our country. We hope our collective efforts and the registry help our country manage through the challenges of this and any future pandemics.”

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