Linden LLC


We took a 5-year value creation strategy and were able to exit that successfully in a 2-1/2-year timeframe because we had buy-in from all the partners, we entered into the right markets with Linden’s support, and we had the financial support to be able to execute the strategy.

John "Buddy" Turner

John "Buddy" Turner, Past President & CEO
Behavioral Centers of America (now Acadia Healthcare)

We want to develop a business that is going to endure, a business that is not only in much better shape than when we acquired it, but also has a growth trajectory that will last well beyond Linden ownership.

Charlie Mamrak

Charlie Mamrak, CEO

My relationship with Linden goes back to the firm's inception. The culture here has always been defined by an appreciation for individuals, a commitment to excellence with a focus on strategic issues, impatience with the status quo, a drive for practical solutions, and respect for operating expertise.

Gerard Moufflet

Gerard Moufflet, Operating Partner
Linden Capital Partners


Mike Mattos

Mike Mattos, CEO
BarrierSafe Solutions International

Linden's experience was invaluable. They were instrumental in helping us build a world-class company and in providing us the support and guidance to grow strategically and profitably.

As I considered the next stage of my career, Linden stood out among its peers for its unique strategy of focusing only on healthcare and integrating healthcare and financial executives throughout its investment process, from sourcing to value creation to exit.

William Rhodes

William Rhodes, Operating Partner
Linden Capital Partners


Dave Schlotterbeck

Dave Schlotterbeck, Prior Vice Chairman and CEO of Clinical and Medical Products
Cardinal Health

Linden has the expertise and experience to maximize value in mature healthcare businesses.

The basic operating tenet within Linden is that while we have an investment horizon, we want to develop a business that is going to endure well beyond that; a growth trajectory that will last well beyond Linden ownership.

Charlie Mamrak

Charlie Mamrak, CEO


Luke Drayer

Luke Drayer, Founder and CEO
Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

Our team was looking for a partner who understood our business and, just as importantly, understood our culture and dedication to patient care. In Linden, we found that partner and have benefitted from their strategic guidance, collegial support, and resources.

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